I’M pretty unhappy about the planned increase in council tax.

This is not a great new year present for me, as I’m recently separated and struggling to afford pretty much anything at the moment, let alone a massive increase in council tax.

Are the council really serious about this? I read that they had done this with a heavy heart? Not heavy enough I think, as if they really did regret it, they would not have done it, and looked for savings elsewhere.

Starting the New Year by employing more people does not seems like they have any joined up thinking. I am having to make big economies in my life, for example, I no longer jump in my car to drive anywhere, but have to think hard about whether I can afford it or not first. I no longer buy any new clothes or shoes, and I have cut down on make up massively.

So what about the council? What economies are you proposing for the coming year? You could make a start by not employing any new people and having a recruitment freeze.

Sally Walsh Knutsford council tax payer