THIS Knutsford Mayor, Andrew Malloy, will be remembered for one thing only, and that is the biggest council tax increase in the country this year.

Sir, you are a disgrace foisting upon us such a monstrous increase which we have no choice but to pay.

It’s not as though we can walk away – I have lived here for longer than I haven’t, and so we don’t have a choice about not paying unless we move away.

Why are you spending £50,000 on new employees at a time like this?

This foolish spending must be stopped now, and the process of recruitment aborted until you have your finances in better order.

I am disgusted at your spending plans, which seem to have absolutely no logic to them at all.

You must, on behalf of all ratepayers in this town, abort your spending plans for new employees now.

Brian Dobbs, Knutsford