MY mum is thoroughly fed up with Knutsford Town Council’s tax rises of 37 per cent in the current year.

What rubbish it is to blame the King Street restaurant. The real culprits are the council themselves who are proposing to spend a further £50,000 on new positions at the council.

How can they possibly justify this expenditure at a time when they have a huge loss of income?

They should take a leaf out of Holmes Chapel Parish Council’s book, who have said there will be no increase at all this year.

I understand that Knutsford Town Council were not elected last year, as there were not enough candidates, so they were all appointed. Well they have certainly disappointed everyone I know in the town, and they should now un-appoint themselves and resign over this unacceptable increase in tax.

How are the retired, like my mum, to afford this?

They will simply go without, as older generations used to do, so that this mismanaged council can employ yet more people.

How does the Town Mayor feel about that? Get your house in order.

Dave Simons Cheshire Dairy Farmer