IF the newspaper report about the accident Gareth Norbury’s son was involved in is accurate then I don’t see what the point of the campaign for a 20mph on Town Lane, Mobberley is.

The report stated Norbury’s son did not see a car driving around a parked bus and it’s understood the car was driving at a speed lower than the speed limit for the road.

It sounds like the issue here is children not learning The Green Cross Code, not the speed cars are travelling at.

We do not live in North America, where they have designated yellow school buses and cars are not allowed to drive past while yellow school buses flash their lights to indicate they are picking up or dropping off children.

Therefore, children should not being trying to cross a road in front of a bus or behind a bus but where they have a clear view of the traffic in both directions.

There’s even a puffin crossing on Town Lane, that should stand out to people of all ages as the best place to cross the road.

Gemma Evans Knutsford