REGULAR readers to the ‘Letters to the Editor’ columns of this newspaper will recall the insertion of a letter of mine, explaining the camaraderie of those who had served in the Royal Navy. I explained that this could be relived at the various reunions held around the country and that these were listed on

uk site under ‘Reunions’.

Well thank you to all of the local newspapers; you have certainly scored and made a lot of ex-servicemen think back again.

They have emailed me on and the secretaries of various associations have contacted me. As a consequence a lot more reunions have been held and a lot more old shipmates reunited and relived their past experiences.

With Christmas and the new year celebrations behind us, reunions are again on the agenda, therefore could I ask reunion organisers and secretaries to let me have details of your reunion for listing.

This is a free service and can be done by themselves on the site under ‘Reunions’ or by emailing the details to me on Does a ‘Letter to the Editor’ work?

‘The printed word stays’...... “Dear Mike, six months ago we were packing to move house. I used pages from the local newspaper to pack the glassware. I have just unpacked the last of the glasses and I have just read your letter on one of the ‘straightened out’ pages!”

Mike Crowe RN Shipmates Sandown, Isle of Wight