BRILLIANT relief from the Makers’ Market last Sunday – there wasn’t one, and it improved town centre residents lives a lot, but no doubt this is temporary, as the town council, and Cllr Mike Houghton in particular, have said that they won’t budge on moving the market.

This reminds me of the political elite recently defeated in the last general election who wouldn’t budge on Brexit, and got their just desserts.

The main difference being that the MPs were elected, and then unelected, whereas our town council was not even elected in the first place.

So why is it that these appointees think they can impose on us as town centre residents, when they aren’t elected, and even if they were, they don’t represent our views at all.

What we need now is a local election so that they can be voted out of office in favour of people who are genuinely prepared to listen to the voters in the town centre, who were not consulted about whether we wanted a big street market every month on Sunday, and have still not been consulted about the market by a single councillor, and who continue to endure the disruption to our lives that have been imposed on us by an unelected elite.

Jo Carter, Knutsford