ACCORDING to the YouGov MRP model (the one which correctly predicted the Conservatives would fail to get a majority in the 2017 election) as things stand Esther McVey will be re-elected as MP for Tatton with a comfortable majority.

Ms McVey is of the opinion that hard Brexit or no deal Brexit is acceptable, while the majority of Tatton voters voted for remain.

She has also reportedly met with the current and former Transport Minister regarding our train service but what exactly has been said has been kept quiet and unlike other MPs she hasn’t publicly criticised Network Rail (who are under the direct control of the government) who have rejected applications for Northern to run more trains from Knutsford to Manchester.

For those who do not use the train you might be surprised how busy Knutsford station is nowadays.

There are services either picking up or dropping off over 100 passengers at Knutsford and yet these trains run at a mainly hourly frequency and only have around 125 seats per service.

So what are the alternatives?

Well the YouGov MRP model has Jonathan Smith and James Weinberg roughly on the same percentage of votes as each other, with Smith doing very slightly better. I suggest if you don’t want Brexit regardless of the consequences and want improvements to our train service you need to vote and to ensure you don’t vote for McVey.

Gemma Evans, Knutsford