HELLO, on arrival at my holiday destination on the Costa Blanca about five years ago I was told that the dual carriageway, the 332, which went past the resort of La Mata would be closed Friday night as they were changing a T-junction to a roundabout.

Just my luck I thought as the diverted traffic would clog up the town for weeks judging by my experience of British roadworks.

When I was told on the Monday that the road was now open I could not believe it.

Apparently teams arrived Friday night worked through the night, all day Saturday with different crews, all day Sunday until Monday morning when it was reopened.

I decided to go and have a look and was surprised to see that they had even landscaped the roundabout with various plants etc.

Would it be worthwhile sending our road maintenance people over to Spain to see if anything could be gained from looking at their methods. I have recently been past the roundabout and it’s showing no signs of problems.

J forster, via email