THE reason we’re not hearing more about the General Election in our local paper is that the constituency has long been a safe Conservative seat so there seems little to talk about.

However, I thoroughly agree with Roderick Oates in his letter ‘Do We Want More Misery?’. None of the issues faced by much of our country are caused by the EU but are caused by the last nine years of Tory government.

Add to the list of woes, the unscrupulous and sinister approach of the Boris Johnson and his cohorts – closing Parliament to get his own way; calling a General Election to prevent debate of the Brexit Bill; sacking long standing, loyal party members who would not tow the line; refusing to publish potentially damaging reports; failing to take part in potentially awkward debates and interviews; changing the campaign twitter account name to a misleading “factcheck” name; staging false door step campaign footage and changing Labour Party interview footage to present a completely different answer to the issue being discussed.

Not to mention ties with the billionaire, pro Tory owners of the majority of national papers and the questionable editing of some BBC coverage to show the Prime Minister in a more favourable light.

I do not believe this is the Conservative Party of most moderate and reasonable voters in the Tatton Constituency and it is time for us to think long and hard about giving unquestioning support to the Tories even if it means breaking the habits of a life time.

Catherine Gasparini North Downs, Knutsford