WITH the General Election rapidly approaching, it will soon be time for your readers to decide how they are going to vote.

The Liberal Democrats offer a strong, distinct message on the main issue of this election, namely whether we remain in or leave the European Union.

Whatever deal or none the other two parties manage to negotiate, it will not be as good as the one we already have inside the largest free trade association on the planet.

The referendum was more than years ago, poorly conducted, nonbinding and a close result resulting in it losing all legitimacy.

We cannot afford the luxury to go our own way, even if it would serve our long-term interests that it doesn’t.

In Paul Duffy, our candidate in Congleton Constituency we are fortunate to have a young, energetic and straight talking person who will campaign hard for the people of Middlewich while voting to revoke Article 50 or for another referendum so the people can decide, depending on how we fare electorally.

The other two parties are tired and clinging onto an outdated vision of our country and neither they nor it are fit for the 21st century.

Dr Peter Hirst Chair of Congleton Constituency Liberal Democrats