THE article on page 12 of last week’s Knutsford Guardian beggars belief concerning the abandonment of an A50 study and evaluation of a relief road.

This is typical of Cheshire East Council in general and, in particular, the executive of the Highways Department at CEC.

I would draw attention to the fact that the Knutsford Neighbourhood Plan, approved by CEC, calls for a full study of the A50 and incumbent traffic. How can Chris Hindle over rule this? In his capacity as an executive of CEC he serves the community.

The residents of Knutsford, who are fed up of extensive traffic and HGVs in and around Knutsford, deserve an objective study of the A50 and possible relief road to be carried out and the options put before them.

It is not for Chris Hindle to arbitrarily rule such an important matter be swept under the carpet.

Some three years ago I was chairman of the Traffic and Transport Group in the formulation of the Knutsford Neighbourhood Plan. I resigned from this position solely because I had no confidence in the Highways department at CEC to introduce anything effective.

Cllr Tony Dean is absolutely right and he should pursue the matter assiduously. Indeed the new political regime at CEC should take a close look at the operations of this department. In my opinion radical restructuring and introduction of strict measures of accountability are required.

Mark Price Knutsford