THE Knutsford Special Community Commemoration was held under brilliant blue skies at the Knutsford War Memorial site but proved to be a bittersweet occasion, being as it will probably be the last time we shall be able remember our war heroes there.

Especially poignant was the disbelief expressed by attendees, some of whom had worked at the hospital, others whose forbears had paid towards the construction of the hospital, and those who had been treated at the hospital.

What they all had in common was a disbelief that this part of their heritage was going to be destroyed due to decisions made by those with little connection to the town and who could not possibly appreciate the strength of local feeling at what is felt to be little short of vandalism.

Their incredulity was accompanied by questions asking whether even at this late stage anything further could be done to over rule the decisions made, and to save this well-loved part of Knutsford’s history.

Mabel Taylor Knutsford