I will respond to the mayor about the Makers Market first. Mr Malloy, I have had this correspondence with Simon Hutchence before about the elections, and I know you call it an election, but as you point out, there wasn’t one.

In other words, we didn’t get a choice about who is on the town council, so instead we get the council desperately supporting the town clerk, who dreamed up this hair brained scheme to have a market that prevents emergency service access to the town centre and scares people out of their homes.

An elderly lady was so frightened by the noise at 6am of the market being set up, that she moved out on Saturday and returned on Monday, so shame on all who think this is just a bit of ‘fun’. It is not, it is lives being affected.

I wasn’t able to stand for election as I have three jobs and I could not spare the time, but it does not mean I can’t make representations to the council about moving it.

I have read the emergency plan, and it does not address the fact that fire engines and ambulances cannot access the town centre, especially Silk Mill Street, which is completely cut off apart from a small ginnel from King Street, not accessible to vehicles.

I did not receive the letter written in May that the mayor refers to, and hence I was not at the meeting arranged by the town clerk, who ensured that all those in favour of the market were present, while it was strange that many residents who have expressed opposition did not receive these letters.

To comment on Mr Blanshard’s letter: I’ve never met you either, and you must have a different set of friends, as I don’t know ANYONE in the centre who likes the market, but be in no doubt, I am intensely proud of Knutsford and the beautiful town that it is, but your depiction of the Makers Market as saving Knutsford is grossly distorted.

Knutsford has always thrived, with most shops occupied, and most shops in Princess Street closed on Sunday anyway, so how does this help them? Takings at Waitrose and the Co-op are down on Makers Sundays due to no access.

Town centre residents did not ask for this market, especially where it is dangerously situated, which is why we say move the market. There are plenty of other locations to choose from.

We don’t say close it, just move it.

Surely, for the sake of town centre residents who are scared to live there over the makers weekend, we owe it them to do something!

Jo Carter Knutsford