AS ever, interesting points are raised in the articles and letters.

Barlow’s Brew recently talked about the conflict between the need to reduce CO2 emissions by decreasing our consumption of beef and dairy products and the interests of Cheshire farmers.

Many people are indeed choosing to be vegan, vegetarian, or flexitarian (eating a minimal amount of meat) and find this is a healthy option.

Cheshire farmers might be helped more by an intervention to reward the production of higher quality milk and beef – which will do better at finding its way into a shrinking market.

As to Google’s scientific papers on CO2, there are indeed ‘academic’ papers on the internet for all sorts of things that are not true – flat Earth for example – but when you see increased periods of heavier rain and flooding in Cheshire, glaciers melting, droughts, you can see for yourself that something serious is happening and that we have to do something about.

The vast majority (99 per cent) of scientific opinion is that the heating of the world’s climate links to CO2 produced by our actions – our driving of large SUVs, flying, eating meat, using energy unnecessarily – and we know we need to do something to reduce those.

What would you want to tell the children of the future – perhaps your grandchildren about what you did in the climate emergency that we are recognising now?

Dr Frances Hill Handforth