SO we have a general election at last and no matter what people say, it will largely be about Brexit.

Given the enormity of the issues we face on our future relations with Europe we need to see the full range of positions on Brexit represented by the candidates who seek our vote for the Tatton constituency.

In fairness we have the Leave position expressed by our current Tory MP, the ‘don’t know’ stance adopted by our Labour candidate, but where is the Lib Dem, presumably Remain candidate? Has anyone seen sight or sound of him/ her?

One would have thought that as a constituency that voted Remain in the referendum they would be out and about promoting their party position instead they seem to have gone into hiding.

I am currently a ‘do not know how I will vote’ in this election but I suspect that like many in our town I would like a full deck of cards to choose from.

Mark Jones, Knutsford