LIKE Alex Scott last week, I too am sceptical that the cause of global warming is the 0.04 per cent of our atmosphere that is carbon dioxide.

Google can find hundreds of graphs going back millions of years (derived from Greenland and Antarctic ice cores) all showing close correlation between global temperatures and CO2. But tellingly, the rise and fall in CO2 occurs hundreds of years after the rise in temperature, and therefore cannot be its cause. There is also evidence of CO2 levels almost a billion years ago, being 20 times higher than today, and it was not followed by thermal runaway.

CO2 is not the only greenhouse gas in the atmosphere. Water is a greenhouse gas. There’s 250 times more of it in the atmosphere than CO2, and thankfully, it’s these greenhouse gases which help to moderate the earth’s daily temperature fluctuations.Without a greenhouse effect, we could not live on the Earth. It’s worth remembering that the primary source of all our food, plants, require a consistently warm environment, and thrive in an enhanced CO2 atmosphere.

As well as its supporters, Google can also find over 1,000 peerreviewed papers written by climate specialists providing evidence to debunk the theory of CO2 being the cause of global warming. Why are our politicians and the media ignoring them? Is it fear of egg on face? Like Brexit, an honest, balanced view would be a breath of fresh air.

For millions of years, there have been regular fluctuations of up to 150C in global average temperature (and CO2) at 50,000 to 100,000 year intervals, which shows that we are now near to a temperature peak.

Though CO2 levels, now at 0.04 per cent, have significantly broken out of the long-term trend of 0.02 per cent to 0.03 per cent (probably due to burning fossil fuels), perhaps we should be taking advantage of the enhancement to plant growth and concentrating our efforts in coping with the inevitable, and natural, short-term rise in global temperature, and then preparing for the next Ice Age in 40,000 years time. Maybe Trump was right, but not for the right reasons.

Tony Booth Lower Peover