I WOULD like to respond to last week’s letter from Alex Scott from Knutsford.

In which Alex asks ‘Is CO2 really the cause of global warming?’ due to the very small percentage of carbon in our air. A very good question. And the answer is yes.

Our planet has over millennia been subject to cyclic events that have caused freezing and warming.

This has provided an opportunity for scientific study which has proved that there is a direct correlation between CO2 in our atmosphere and the warming of the planet and sea level rise.The current rise in warming and levels of CO2 at 415ppm has mostly occurred in the last 50 years.

Scientific study has concluded that this is down to human activity – Anthropogenic. I would refer Alex and other readers no further than the research done by Prof Sir David King who has worked and advised the UK Government for the past twenty years. The situation is unfortunately very serious. Thank you Alex for asking the question.

Nigel Hennerley Tatton Green Party candidate