I THOUGHT we had dealt with the town council election matter. As stated before, democracy is through elected representatives, and as the current town council is not elected, but appointed due to a lack of candidates, they are not representative.

Do they know if they have the approval of Knutsford voters? Of course not, because those voters were not given the opportunity to endorse them or throw them out. IIt is certainly desirable that those who represent voters are firstly chosen by those voters, and secondly that they live in the constituency they represent. Ms Carter states that no councillors on the council live in the town centre, so how can they truly represent those who do?

It seems that there has been no listening exercise to try to understand those who live and would like to have voted, in the town centre, as Ms Carter states that no councillors have attempted to talk to her or others who disagree with the Makers Market location on safety grounds. This is a most disturbing situation when the rulers no longer listen to the ruled, and leads to the breakdown in trust of democracy that is so concerning us in Europe, as we watch from afar the antics of the British Parliament pursuing their own agenda and not that of the people they supposedly represent.

Victoria Barnes (Former Knutsford resident, now in Switzerland)