I AM not sure what it is that Remainers don’t understand about the last referendum. Voters were given the simple option of leaving or staying.

The question could not have been fairer than that. There were not subverted clauses that if this happened, or that happened, that we would not leave.

Many medicines are manufactured all over the world, and to obtain supplies is not going to be beyond the biggest employer in the world, with vast buying resources and knowledge.

Medicines will not be in short supply due to planning that has at last taken place under PM Johnson, that Chancellor Hammond failed to do because he never planned to let us leave.

Sam Corcoran displayed his complete ignorance of the farming industry last week, and now this week again. Many food prices are actually held artificially high by the EU and other products from the third world are barred from the EU because they would be too competitive for French farmers. So, no, prices won’t rise, they will fall substantially if we ever get to leave.

It is this sort of disinformation from the uninformed who will use anything to bolster their unfounded case, that leads me to conclude that we are in the final phases of Project Fear Mark Three.

Sam Corcoran should get on with running the council properly. Start by emptying the bins on time. Then get rid of or reinstate suspended colleagues at the council that are costing us taxpayers millions. And how about fixing the roads, Mr Corcoran? You lead the one of the smallest councils in England, so get on with running it properly, and then you might get re-elected, instead of pontificating unsubstantiated rubbish.

David Roberts Wilmslow