We need to take stock ABI Jones wrote recently that the gloomy predictions of Remainers have turned out to be false. For the three years that we have remained in the EU, she discounts any concerns about the economy as ‘project fear’ and puts her absolute faith in Boris Johnson, serial liar and constitutional law-breaker.

On the very same day The Times economic editor writes ‘Exports are falling, new orders drying up and cashflows deteriorating among businesses in what has been called a ‘reality check’ for politicians….

The British Chambers of Commerce quarterly economic survey reveals that almost every economic indicator has deteriorated in the past three months. Manufacturing has been hit the hardest.’ Adam Marshall of the BCC, said, ‘These are some of the worst figures we’ve seen in a decade and job, businesses and the future success of communities are on the line.’ It is not acceptable to lash out in angry, uninformed resentment about the fact that Brexit is not working out as promised.

There needs to be a national stepping back and taking stock of the very serious nature of what the risks and the trade-offs are going to be and whether we, as a country, think they are worth it.

Sarah Murphy and Judith Hughes, Wilmslow for Europe