ENOUGH is enough. We are now blaming councillors who don’t live in the area as a reason they don’t care about the effect on residents – well why did local residents not stand in the last council elections so they could have their say. Simple, they could not be bothered preferring to whinge from the side lines. Does that mean we have to get rid of our MP as she does not live in the town as well?

Whoever you are Jo Carter you do NOT speak for the overwhelming residents, I live in the centre of town and you have never met me or spoken to me so have no idea of my views.

I attended the council meeting when the market was discussed a few months ago – where were you?

I think the market is great for the town/ local business and showcases what Knutsford has to offer. What is 12 days out of 365? It is not many years ago when Knutsford had empty shops and looked a sad place.

So if you move the market then the centre will become a ghost town on Sundays and revenue will be lost to the area.

You have used the concerns over emergency access as another reason, but firstly risk assessments will have been undertaken and the emergency service signed off on the market.

However, if you attended the last two markets you will have seen a road access point has been created so vehicles can access/leave Church View as one did at this Sunday’s market.

Access to all points are available from King Street.

Regards Ted Scott’s comment, the fact Knutsford Fire Station has been down- graded has nothing to do with the market.

Let’s start to be positive about Knutsford and what all councillors/ organisations are trying to do – make this a vibrant place with lots of fun events.

Steve Blanshard, town centre resident