I write further to the letters published recently by Jo Carter and Ted Scott in relation to the Makers Market.

Mr Scott stated that there is no access to properties in the event of a fire. The Crew Manager of Knutsford Fire Station has visited the market and developed a plan of the routes they would use to access properties while the market was on.

Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service has a plan for how it would reach every property affected by the road closure.

With reference to Ms Carter’s letter, the Town Council did hold elections in May 2019, however the number of candidates who put themselves forward for election was lower than the number of seats (14/15) and as such there was no poll and councillors were elected unopposed. The Town Clerk is the council’s most senior employee and ensures the decisions and policy of the town council are fulfilled. For the record, Adam does live in Knutsford, but that is not a requirement of a clerk’s role.

In March, an Emergency Plan for the market was put together, this is available on the Town Council website. At every market there is a first aider on site and the contact information for the organisers of the market are displayed at the entrances to the market so that in the event of an emergency they are easily contactable.

In May, we wrote to all residents affected by the road closure advising them of the set-up rules which are designed to minimise disruption, the Emergency Plan and that we had received assurances from both the North West Ambulance Service and Cheshire Fire and Rescue that they can access all properties and that residents are not in danger. We have received no complaints following this letter.

Cllr Andrew Malloy, Town Mayor