THERE has been a lot of publicity regarding a new location for the Market Hall. Have the Town Council considered purchasing Marshall House? Currently up for sale with Williams Commercial property (


It is right in the middle of the town, has ‘extensive car parking’ and is Grade II listed. The market traders could locate to the ground floor with community meeting rooms/ exhibitions on the first floor. A lift would have to be installed.

The Makers Market could use Marshall House car park once a month for their stalls plus the upstairs, freeing up Princess Street for parking. The stalls could be erected late Saturday afternoon so they wouldn’t disturb residents in Church Hill. Surely the residents on Princess Street, Canute Square, Silkmill Street and Regent Street would be happy they could get their cars out and wouldn’t be disturbed.

The existing market hall could be demolished and the land used for more car parking. This would satisfy the concerns raised by Jo Carter, on Silkmill Street, ref the Makers Market being dangerous.

Come on the Town Council don’t miss out on this opportunity before someone else buys it, we don’t need more restaurants and pubs in town.

Jackie Rodgers, Knutsford