LAST year it was stated that Tatton Park contributed £34 million to the local economy and that they planned to spend a further £2.3 million on improvements to the visitor arrival and courtyard.

I wonder if just a small amount of the money made by the National Trust and Cheshire East could be put towards returning rubbish and dog waste bins to the park.

I have only ever found one bin for disposing of dog waste in the whole 2,000 acres of parkland, and it worries me that this is causing a danger to its wildlife.

Filled plastic bags are left at the side of the roads and footpaths and this causes serious problems to grazing animals such as sheep, deer and horses who can die if they ingest them.

The provision of a few bins which could be used for dog waste and general rubbish could be placed around the park, and perhaps a few recycling bins could be added too in the interest of the environment.

Cheshire East Council, who own Tatton grounds, must be making a mint from this property – there’s no excuse for this lack of facilities.

Knutsford resident