LETTER: Makers Market is dangerous GOOD grief ! Now we have it from the horses mouth about the fire safety aspect of the Makers Market thanks to Ted Scott, a Fire Safety Officer from the midlands. The Makers Market is actually dangerous and should not be held where it is. This is what residents have been saying for a long time. We actually live in the town centre and many are worried about what might happen if there is a fire.

It’s worrying to note that when the town clerk was approached about this concern, he said we must stop being alarmist, and yet here we have it from the horses mouth, in the form of Fire Safety Officer Ted Scott, who agrees with us that this event should not be held in the main street where the potential for a disaster in the town centre is so high as not to be safe.

So I say again, MOVE the Makers Market. Now we know it’s not safe.

Jo Carter, Silk Mill Street, Knutsford