I would like to offer a comment in response to your inspiring article ‘Knutsford man who conquered his stammer looks to inspire others’ about Peter Daly. Since I grew up as a stammerer in the Republic of Ireland, I was humbled that Peter Daly is of Irish descent. Actually, Irish people and people of Irish descent stammer in the same percentages as any other nationality with one per cent of adults and five per cent of children stammering.

I am happy that Peter Daly has found fluency through the McGuire Programme. The programme has certainly received a lot of media coverage in recent years of successful participants.

I just wish to express the opinion that speech therapy is not one-sizefits- all in that what works for one person may not work for another.

Speech therapy is subjective. Your article should have mentioned that there are other speech therapies which like the McGuire Programme have yielded successful results.

The best sources for information on speech therapy are the website of the British Stammering Association (stammering.com) and the website of the US-based Stuttering Foundation (stammeringhelp.org), a site which has an international directory of speech therapies as well as videos and downloadable books.

Aside from the McGuire Programme, I thought that Peter Daly’s story put a human face on the speech problem.

Mary Burke Boston, USA