I am hoping to bring the disgusting and disappointing graffiti currently on one of the features within the toddler section of the park on the Moor to the attention of the people of Knutsford and the appropriate authorities for this area. This is with a view that it will swiftly get removed.

I took my three-year-old daughter to the park this afternoon. Usual agenda comprises swings, springy see-saw thing, big slide, ending with the mini tree house where I am usually sold a rather expensive imaginary ice cream from my daughter.

While entertaining the fact that I was paying £1,000 for an ice cream that doesn’t exist I noticed some writing and images drawn on the walls and ceiling.

Upset to realise that the images were clearly phallic and the words written were incredibly offensive.

Many of which were racist.

This needs to be sorted out, and sorted out quickly.

Alastair McElhoney