THE only thing that Simon Hutchence got right in his last letter is that I’m unhappy. But I’ve got news for you, Simon. I’m not the only one who is unhappy. All town centre residents I know are very unhappy with an unelected highhanded man from another area telling us what to do in Knutsford town centre.

You are from Bexton, not the town centre, and by your own admission have not spoken to any town centre residents about the Makers Market, so how do you have any idea what we who live in the town centre think? That you think this correspondence is closed is an indication of your high-handed attitude to those you think you are representing.

I’m glad you aren’t a councillor any more, but I’m sad that you think you did a good job at representing the town when you didn’t even come and speak to us despite us inviting the council and any councillors to actually make that effort to do so.

You also didn’t bother to canvas as there was no election, and so you don’t know whether the people were satisfied with your performance or not the previous four years, and we didn’t know what your views were on anything.

So be under no illusion, Simon. You didn’t represent anyone but yourself, and your views were untested by the voters.

There is a lot of opposition from town centre residents to the Makers Market, but so far, no one on the council has been listening to its town centre voters, but only to traders who mostly don’t live in the town centre and don’t have a vote, and appointed councillors who haven’t spoken to anyone here... so it beggars belief that you think this is democratic.

Jo Carter Knutsford