PLEASE, Mr Misogynist Hutchence, don’t patronise me by dismissing my letter as ridiculous.

Such behaviour is typical of someone keeping women in their place; he has done it with Jo Carter, and now tries it on with me.

As a Bexton councillor, Mr Hutchence was on the council to represent his constituents in Bexton ward, which I have had confirmed does not cover the town centre. Therefore it would be unusual for him to receive complaints from someone living in the town centre, and if he did, he would have sent the complaint on to the relevant councillor representing the complainant’s ward.

In the same way, if you write to Esther McVey and you are not a constituent of hers, she will refer you to the MP in whose constituency you live. The exception in her case is that as the Minister of State at the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government, she deals with national issues affecting that specific area.

It appears that Mr Hutchence does not like criticism – who does? – but when you are a politician, that is part of the package, especially if you make misogynistic comments like he has. As I said in my last letter, he has acted in a most dictatorial and undemocratic way by not representing his constituent’s views, and then telling them: ‘enough’. Sounds dictatorial to me and straight out of Plato’s Republic.

As an outside observer to all this, I think the town council are getting above their station as supposedly democratic representatives, and they should actually listen to what voters like Jo Carter are saying.

They act too much like an elite that think it knows better than a mere working woman.

To me, true democracy is much like what we have here in Switzerland, where the general populace vote regularly in referendums and the results honoured. My new country is currently being forced into actions against its will by the equally dictatorial and undemocratic EU.

Vicoria Barnes (Formerly living in Knutsford, now in Switzerland)