WHAT great news at last... some joined up thinking going on.

In the 1970s I could travel by bus from Bramhall via Wilmslow to Altrincham on a regular bus service to and from my work.

Since moving to live in east Wilmslow in the1990s it has been infuriating to see the Manchester service turn around at Woodford with no link through to Wilmslow.

With hundreds of new houses being built in East Wilmslow there is no public transport link... no school, no shops, no doctors.

Plenty of buses go along the route but only collecting children for journeys to their private schools.

There are young families and elderly residents who need a bus service to link up Wilmslow and Bramhall.

No wonder we don’t use the buses from the Wilmslow train station to Knutsford and Altrincham either...

they are so infrequent, never on time and don’t link in with the main trains to London or Manchester.

Plus we can’t get to them... and have you tried to park at the station recently even to pick up or drop someone off ?

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