In response to Abi Jones’s letter singing Ms McVey’s praises as our local MP, we would like to put a different view across.

We have had one meeting with her last June where we asked her to provide us with information to reassure us about her Brexit position; why she believes it is in our best interests.

She committed to sending us information but failed to. We have asked several times for follow-up public meetings, her PA has never come back to us with any dates.

Of course her postbag from Remainers shows a concerted lobbying campaign.

With some justification now, we are extremely anxious about the direction this country is taking and have great concerns about our own livelihoods, businesses and children’s futures.

Given her passion for Brexit she should be well-equipped to respond and reassure.

But she cannot because she relies on her belief and her insistence, rather than evidence or reality.

She has voted against May’s deal, promoted no-deal with Farage, then voted for the deal, then, in her own campaign to be PM she stated she would sack all remain-voting cabinet members and backed the proposal to prorogue Parliament to help achieve a no-deal Brexit.

A no-deal Brexit would mean a 12 per cent reduction in regional GDP.

At its worst, the financial crisis was a two per cent hit.

Those kind of numbers mean significant economic stress, huge pressure on public services, house repossessions, bankruptcies and insolvencies.

This region relies heavily on manufacturing for its success.

Farming is also a significant sector here. Both are severely threatened by a no-deal Brexit.

Last week Ms McVey voted against the amendment confirming that the Prime Minister would not be able to close down Parliament.

As her colleague, Philip Hammond said: ‘It should not be controversial to believe that Parliament be allowed to sit, and have a say, during a key period in our country’s history’. McVey disagrees.

She would rather Parliament, like Remainers, be closed down, ignored and sidelined until she has her way.

This country and its future belongs to all of us. We live in a representative democracy, supposedly. A truly diligent and decent MP would respect that and respect all her constituents, not just the ones who agree with her.

Sarah Murphy& Judith Hughes Wilmslow for Europe