LETTER: Democracy SIMON Hutchence has a somewhat distorted view of democracy.

Democracy is, according to the Oxford English Dictionary ‘A system of government by the whole population, through elected representatives’.

I do not know Mr Hutchence, so he may or may not have done a good job on Knutsford Town Council, but as he and most of the council were not elected, this seems to indicate an essential failed first test as to his claim to democratically represent his constituents of Bexton ward.

If I remember rightly, Bexton does not cover the town centre where Jo Carter apparently lives, so Mr Hutchence is not democratically elected, and is commenting on a ward he does not purport to represent, on an issue he has not sought the views of its constituents.

Plato’s idea of a perfect society was one without democracy, on the grounds that people are not well qualified to rule, and therefore should accept the dictat of the elite.

Actually, this reminds me rather of Jo Swinson, who said last week that she would not accept the result of any second referendum on leaving the EU if the result was the same as the first, because it was not in the interests of the people.

So not a democrat, but ironically in charge of the Liberal Democratic party.

Victoria Barnes Formerly of Knutsford, now in Switzerland