JO Carter’s reply to my letter published a few weeks ago is riddled with inaccuracies.

Firstly, as my letter quite clearly stated, I stood down from Knutsford Town Council in May having served eight years.

Secondly, the only co-option onto the town council was that of Cllr Elizabeth Beswick.

The 14 candidates in May for the 15 seats were all elected unopposed.

I, together with my erstwhile fellow Bexton Ward town councillors, was elected unopposed in 2015.

And there are seven new councillors on the town council – none of them was part of the 2015- 19 cohort.

So it is not ‘the same old councillors’, and to say otherwise is just plain wrong.

But Jo Carter’s main complaint remains the siting of the Makers’ Market.

I can add no more to what I put in my original letter.

This issue was raised with the town council; it was fully investigated, reassurance was sought from the emergency services about access to the town centre during the market and it was debated at a meeting of full council, with representations and points made on behalf of all parties.

The town council then made a decision taking into consideration all the evidence and views expressed.

Jo Carter does not like that decision.

There are plenty of decisions taken during my eight years on the town council with which I did not agree, but one accepts them and moves on.

That is what happens with representative bodies.

That is democracy.

Simon Hutchence Knutsford