IN response to Cllr Simon Hutchence’s letter.

As there were not enough candidates for the places on the town council, there was no election, and therefore he and all the seven ‘new’ councillors were co-opted on to the council by people already on the council.

That is why I said that it’s the same old councillors; new faces maybe, but the same old, same old.

Can Simon say that the change of faces has made any difference at all to the council’s attitude to town centre residents?

You have ignored us consistently, Simon. Not one councillor has ever come to see me or any other town centre resident to my knowledge, to talk about the problems that town centre residents face in dealing with the Makers market.

We want this market to be moved to another place where it won’t affect town centre residents and block off the town centre for emergency services. That is not representative democracy, Simon!

Jo Carter Knutsford