THERE is a clear lobbying campaign going on after you printed two almost identical letters about Esther McVey MP, both from name withheld: one on the June 27, one on the July 4.

Esther has been a first class MP, diligently representing her constituents, and lobbying ministers about important issues such as funding for Cheshire schools, HS2, and our road infrastructure.

She has also represented the views of farmers, maintaining close contact with the farming community.

Her postbag from remainers shows a concerted lobbying campaign, who then complain they aren’t getting personalised replies.

That is just not possible in the face of lobbying, most of which comes from opposition political activists, some of whom don’t have the guts to print their names in the paper.

I fully support Esther as the very good local MP that she is, and I am not ashamed to put my name to it.

Abi Jones Knutsford