I noted with some surprise the article on the front page of the Guardian, June 20, with the photograph of the banner hung on the outside of the old Belle Epoque building.

The banner contained allegations against the Town Council that connected them with the recent failure of the Belle Epoque business. My understanding of the situation is that the delayed/non payment of rent due, is what caused the issue.

It appears to an outsider that the directors of the Belle Epoque business seem to be trying to lay the blame on the council for their failure to maintain their business as a going concern.

The fact that the Belle Epoque entered into a Company Voluntary Agreement (CVA) was their own decision. This, as I understand it, gave the council the opportunity to bring the lease to an end, and also an end to this sorry situation.

We shouldn’t forget that the Town Council are the representatives of us, the local residents, and their income is paid by every family in Knutsford.

It’s the local residents who suffer the financial impact if this council owned property is not paying its rent, as there is less money to spend on additional local facilities.

Stuart Gordon Knutsford