I DECIDED to make my home in Wilmslow 40 years ago and for most of this time it has been a wonderful place to live.

That changed three years ago when the invasion of the all-day car parkers commenced.

That is to say, increasing numbers of people working in Wilmslow who use the roads in residential areas as free, day-long car parks.

I currently live in Broad Walk, and the invasion starts at 8am. One hour later there is a 250 metre stretch of road with nose to tail parking on both sides of the road – thereby transforming a once pleasant two-lane thoroughfare into a narrow, single lane, hazardous alleyway. This egregious situation continuous until 6pm.

The impact on the residents is significant: extreme difficulty in getting in or out of one’s own drive; almost no access for either tradesmen, or council maintenance services, or emergency services; and the misery of living adjacent to a road that has effectively been transformed into a parking lot.

I would therefore make a plea to all Wilmslow employers to request their workforce to park responsively. Please give some consideration to the residents and the amenity of Wilmslow as a place to live, by spreading the parking and not concentrating it in a specific area. I am aware that this is a wider problem across Wilmslow and I therefore make this plea to employers on behalf of all residents who are similarly impacted.

K Harker Wilmslow