I’M disgusted that we have got the same old councillors on the town council as no one could be bothered to stand against them.

And before you ask me why I didn’t stand, I can’t afford to, as I work 12 hours a day holding down three minimum wage jobs so I can afford to live.

The problem with our council is that they don’t represent the people, and now we won’t have the opportunity to put them to the vote.

Surely other parties, or even independents could have stood against them on the basis they have not represented the people for their tenure?

Us town centre residents are furious that the council remains the same, as the last council did not listen to us about the siting of the Makers Market on Princess Street and Silkmill Street, disturbing residents’ sleep and preventing access to our properties on that day.

One person suggested I don’t live in the town centre, but I have lived here a very long time, and the market has been here less than five years, so why should I move?

The council have imposed this massive event on us whether we like it or not, and then called a meeting to which traders turned up in force to lobby for the market, even though they aren’t residents.

Come and experience what it is like to actually live here and put up with the market when you are working as hard as I do, and really need a Sunday to recover.

Jo Carter