LETTER: I ATTENDED the ‘hustings’ meeting organised by the local European Movement at Wilmslow Parish Hall on May 15.

What a gloomy evening it turned out to be.

All the (anti-Brexit) candidates present seemed to want a ‘people’s vote’ as the only way to resolve our current miserable position.

Actually, we had one in 2016, remember?

That aberration is loftily dismissed; the electorate did not know the facts etc – a complaint that can be made about virtually every election we hold.

The candidates seek a further vote because they hope (perhaps mistakenly) that the existing decision would be reversed, so that, if any of them were elected, their jobs would last for a few years, rather than only for a few months.

It is not clear how they reconcile their ignoring of the 2016 vote with their presumed respect for democracy.

It is sad that, in their own interests, they are prepared to accept the further divisiveness in our country which another referendum would generate.

It looks as if the solution might have to be that we leave without a deal, because Parliament is unable to agree terms which would be acceptable to Europe.

What are we afraid of ? Certainly there would be many difficulties in the short term, but these will be surmounted and the nightmare of the last couple of years will eventually be forgotten.

The Lib Dem candidate proclaimed himself to be a European. I am not sure what point he was seeking to make; we are all Europeans, linked by geography and many common ideals.

Incidentally, I think that I can probably claim to be even more of a European than he, for I am half- Dutch and in 2016 I voted Remain.

Ronnie Dykstra Via email