I WOULD like to thank the people of Wilmslow – I almost said the residents of Wilmslow – for electing me twice to Wilmslow Town Council, and the 890 kind souls who voted for me yet again on Thursday.

I count it a huge privilege to have served on the town council for the eight years since it was formed and to have helped to deliver its many achievements.

I wish the new council every success in building on these achievements.

In case anyone is in any doubt on this point – politics has played no part to date in Wilmslow Town Council.

I firmly believe that if a visitor from Mars had attended any of the council meetings during the last eight years he or she would not have been able to identify the political affiliation, if any, of any member of the council.

The sole focus has always been on what is best for Wilmslow.

It is with deep, deep dismay I note that the electors of Wilmslow West have voted off Wilmslow Town Council Angela McPake despite all she has done for Wilmslow, including the return of the Rex, and the electors of Dean Row, David Pincombe, despite all he has done for Wilmslow, including most recently persuading Cheshire East to refuse planning permission for a care home on Handforth Road.

I am however delighted that the electors of Wilmslow West have voted on to the Town Council Julie Dawn Potts who has already done so much for the shops in Chapel Lane and will, I know now, do much for the whole of Wilmslow.

New blood is always welcome.

I repeat that I wish the new council every success.

Christopher Dodson

Via email