IT’S unbelievable that Martin Wilson should put his name to such a selfish and prejudiced letter.

The funeral of John Rooney took place at Knutsford Methodist Church because John’s own son Felix had died at the age of 33 four years earlier, and that funeral had been held at this same church. He was an immensely popular man, and thus more than 600 people attended.

Judging by his selfish letter, Mr Wilson will be lucky to have a tenth of that number of friends attending his funeral.

One thing we know, is that we will all die, and the opportunity to have a proper funeral where friends and family can mourn and show their respect to the deceased, is one that is universally respected in all countries of the world... but apparently not in Mr Wilson’s little world, who probably wrote his letter because the poor man had to sit in traffic for a little longer.

Whoever it is, and where ever they come from, families have a right to a proper funeral, and the community respects this and doesn’t mind the disruption that such an important event means.

This is not a money making event for the church, but a chance for all to show proper respect to a person who has contributed much to his community in his lifetime, and Mr Wilson should acknowledge this and apologise.

Roger Clarke