I AM writing in response to a letter dated April 24 received from Pub in the Park Events which was unsigned, unnamed and provides no email contact details.

I’m writing to express my utter horror that the Pub in The Park will take place again in Knutsford in June but not only that, it will be in the middle of the GCSE and A-level exams.

Please note that if we are disturbed as we were last year by music noise at any stage we will immediately contact the police and environmental health. This includes rehearsals as well as show periods.

If we are disturbed by drunken visitors rampaging up and down Goughs Lane for hours after the event has finished we will contact the police.

If ingress and exit to our drive is blocked again (as it was last year) by parked cars we will contact the local police and the local traffic police.

I have written to Esther Mcvey, our local MP voicing my concerns and will be asking her to visit the area during the course of the event to see and hear for herself.

We will also contact local television and radio new stations as soon as any disturbance occurs and ask them to come and see for themselves. I will be forewarning them to this end.

Last year’s event was horrific for anyone living in the vicinity.

To have another so soon and in the middle of the exam period is nothing short of disgusting.

Jacqueline Monro Knutsford