I WISH to share my frustration following the large funeral held at Knutsford Methodist Church recently.

As a small historic town with problematic parking and traffic flow issues at the best of times it doesn’t take much to create complete gridlock.

Over recent years the Knutsford Methodist Church has hosted large funerals with a considerable number of mourners. Sadly our town simply cannot cope.

The large number of mourners meant that many businesses decided to close given the large crowds and road closures put in place at the last minute also impacting the predominantly independent businesses considerably.

I trust the Methodist Church will be donating any monies earned from this latest funeral to the wider Knutsford community and businesses negatively impacted.

The decision by the church to host such events in a small town with poor infrastructure is quite simply unbelievable.

For a church to be considered part of the wider community means that it must consider its role in that community – a community that’s there all year round and in turn avoid actions which will cause disruption and distress.

The church will no doubt be the first to comment that everyone has a right to request a church service but the wider impact of these types of decisions cannot be taken in isolation and do so is negligent.

Martin Wilson