Divert trafficON Easter Saturday we took two of our grandchildren to Knutsford’s Bunny Hop.

This was an excellent event and thanks are due to everyone involved in the organisation and execution of the event.

Our enjoyment was marred only by the difficulties of manoeuvring two small children through the heavy traffic on both streets.

We found it quite dangerous at times and surely this would have been a great opportunity to try out the benefits of pedestrianisation in the town, if only for a relatively short time.

You may think we could have minimised our need to cross the road by walking all the way up one pavement and back down the other but I’m afraid this just doesn’t work with little ones who seem to be constantly attracted by something better on the other side of the road.

The traffic is diverted for the Halloween celebrations so please can we have it diverted for next year’s Bunny Hop?

Alan Eastwood