SO let’s get this right...

The town council decides to have a big meeting about the makers market and whether it should be moved, after pressure from residents like me.

In doing so, it invites lots of traders who are in favour of the market (of course they are, they make money from it) but actually omits to invite any residents to this meeting, thus making it simply a big echo chamber for those who want the market.

It failed to get any views to the contrary from residents whose lives have made a misery by this event, and who fear for their lives because there is no emergency services access to the town centre.

Is this anything short of outrageous?

It reminds me of the BBC who simply shut down the arguments of anyone they disagree with.

Where is the democracy in our system?

Why are councillors so afraid of us residents that they didn’t invite us to the meeting?

Instead, they invited those they knew agreed with them.

Where is the justice in that?

I am enraged by this lack of democracy.

Jo Carter