THE character assassination of Esther McVey by Sarah Murphy was both unpleasant and unjustified.

Although Tatton voted to remain, Cheshire and the country voted to leave. Tatton lost.

Esther McVey in fact voted for Mrs May’s third attempt to get the flawed Withdrawal Bill through the Commons.

In October 2018 she went against the Government line to say that some would lose out under Universal Credit.

She is correct to talk tough on knife crime, and it is very likely that food banks are abused.

Esther McVey has lived her life in the real world, from poverty in early childhood she has worked her way up the ladder, and reached her present status through hard grind and determination.

As our local MP she has moved to the constituency, holds surgeries, has supported local people against bizarre planning proposals and is endlessly supporting various causes in the neighbourhood.

Our last MP lived in London, held no surgeries, said he couldn’t interfere in planning and flitted into the constituency in yellow viz jacket and tin hat for a quick photo before returning south.

This was the MP who practically invented ‘Project Fear’, all of which has so far failed to happen. I know which MP I much prefer.

Brenda Croome

Via email