AS one of the Knutsford residents that signed the petition supporting The Belle Epoque, I was disgusted to read that the Knutsford councillors decided not to take any notice of 169 people who took the time and action to care about the future of this iconic restaurant.

As more Knutsford eateries close in our lovely town, to even consider losing this family-run, stunning venue is staggering.

They employ many young local people, they also make hundreds of couples love their special day a wedding memory that will last forever.

Personally, I have been a customer of The Belle for 40 years and, while a Piccadilly radio presenter, took many of my guests from the studio in Manchester to the restaurant.

The atmosphere and quality of food and wine always blew them away – it is always a unique experience.

Reading your article, I see that they have had financial problems, well you don’t have to look far to see the struggles of other local restaurants, and reading between the lines that meeting last Monday was a farce, as they had already given you the online story.

I truly hope the court proceedings bring a favourable end for The Belle Epoque. And bring on the ‘new faces’ to be a part of the Knutsford Council.

Susie Mathis Via email