SO we are told by your reporter that business people ‘packed’ into the recent town council meeting to support the makers market.

The reporter goes on to mention five people, so let’s be generous, and suppose there were six business people present, which is packed as the council room allows so little space for petitioners. And just like Brexit, only the views of those who agree with the ruling body are taken note of.

Obviously traders want the market, as they make more money, but at the expense of local residents in the centre, and the safety of our residents and town.

It seems traders rule, just as they vetoed the pedestrianisation plan that would have made our streets safer for pedestrians, and now we hear the council has applied for an alcohol licence for the market to make things worse.

Town centre residents are not large in number but do our views count for nothing?

In a recent survey undertaken in the town centre of all residents, only one expressed support for the market, while the overwhelming majority expressed frustration that the council is doing nothing to alleviate the problem for town centre residents.

We don’t want the market stopped altogether but we do want it moved out of Princess Street and Silkmill Street.

We suggest the Waitrose car park is an ideal location, as this is out of use anyway in the present arrangement, but it will allow emergency vehicles to access the town centre, and it will allow residents to access their own cars and car parks in Regent Street and Silkmill Street during the market.

Why doesn’t the council listen to its voters.

I urge voters to ditch this incompetent council that does not listen to its residents, in the forthcoming local elections.

Jo Carter


Editor's note: It was standing room only at the meeting with approximately 40 people in attendance