CLLR Andrew Malloy is absolutely correct that the only effective way of reducing speeds on the A50 Manchester Road is to introduce traffic calming infrastructure along it. He could have added the introduction of a cycle path throughout its length.

In addition to reducing the risks of fatalities and injuries, slower traffic should also reduce air pollution.

Knutsford Town Council’s most recent available monitoring of air pollution on Manchester Road in June of last year showed concentrations of nitrous oxides at levels dangerously close to the Air Quality Strategy Objective.

Recent research suggests that air pollution is responsible for at least seven million premature deaths globally killing more people than Aids, diabetes and traffic accidents combined.

In Europe, 15 times as many people die from its effects as are killed in car crashes.

Our collective complacency on these shocking figures stems no doubt from the invisibility and anonymity of its victims.

Paul Thomson Mobberley