YOUR article in the Knutsford Guardian of 28 March 28, ‘Redrow to build £100m estate’, on Northwich Road, declares an important development in the wake of the Cheshire East Local Plan and Knutsford Town Plan, and the impending local government election next month.

More housing has been rightly identified as a crucial need by Joe Godden, our Labour Party candidate for Knutsford, in the May election for Cheshire East.

To quote from the local Labour manifesto ‘Labour wants to provide genuinely affordable housing, including new council houses, in urban and rural areas’.

The Guardian article of March 28 quotes The Crown Estate and Redrow Homes, and attributes warm words to them as to their pledges to enhance local services and infrastructure. But these pledges require close examination.

The inclusion of 30 per cent affordable housing in the proposed estate is the absolute minimum provided for in the Government’s housing development requirements.

Given the level of need for affordable housing, purchased and rented, 30 per cent is paltry; and Cheshire East should be stipulating a higher figure on behalf of its residents.

And infrastructure developments identified, such as ‘new fitness equipment for Knutsford Leisure Centre’, no matter how desirable, ignore the stark realities faced by local people, such as the need for more school places, traffic congestion alleviation, a new medical centre etc.

So this is, and will be, a real test of Cheshire East Council’s resolve to hold the developers – and itself – to account to ensure provision which meets the modern day needs of Knutsford citizens.

We need new blood on Cheshire East Council, such as that which will be provided by Joe Godden, to attack complacency.

David Walton Tabley Road